Collection Cans

Are you looking for collection cans to help a fundraising campaign or help a charity close to your heart? Well look no further than Care Fundraising Supplies.

We have a wide range of collection cans available to you which will help to make your fundraising easier and more beneficial. Collection cans are integral in helping to raise millions of pounds for charities in a simplistic but effective way. Collection cans are found in shops, restaurants, bars, or basically anywhere that money is exchanged. Customers often use these collection cans as a way of removing unwanted change, whilst also doing a kind, generous thing by donating to charity.

Collection cans are not only used in this method. Many fundraising personnel hold these collection cans in their hands and encourage the public to place money in the collection cans. They are particularly effective at fundraising events in which many people are involved i.e. Colour Run events; or for people promoting a charity in the streets where many people are passing.

The collection cans available at Care Fundraising Supplies have a patented design which are specially moulded so that is comfortable to hold. The collection cans also have a strong handle which supports them at full weight. They also offer a large area in which to place a sticker or badge to promote your particular charity.

At Care Fundraising Supplies, cardboard collection cans are also available if these are more suitable to your requirements. If you are looking for cardboard collection cans, they can be found in our Home Collecting section.

Collection cans are a particularly effective way of gathering money for your chosen charity. Once they are full, simply post the money or deliver the collection cans to the chosen charity.