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How to Organise a Colour Run

Are you interested in organising a colour run for your next fundraiser? Colour runs have gained popularity in recent years as a fun and inclusive way to raise money. Unlike traditional runs, colour runs attract a larger demographic of participants who want to have a great day out with their loved ones, whilst raising money for well deserving charities, hospices and other non-profit organisations. It doesn't have to be a run though, you can walk, wheel, dance and toddle around the course, meaning it's suitable for all ages and abilities! But how do you ensure the success of your colour event? Well, look no further! Here are some essential steps to help you organise a wonderfully memorable, fun and profitable colour event experience.
Man jumping through yellow colour powder
First things first, make sure to choose a catchy name for your event, avoiding any trademarked names such as 'The Colour Run' or 'Colour Obstacle Rush.' Next, carefully select a suitable date for your run. Although hosting it in the summer might seem tempting, consider the comfort of your participants by opting for the cooler climate of late spring or early autumn. No one wants to be worrying about overheating! 
Group of people at colour run event, covered in red colour powder

It's crucial to secure a suitable venue for your event. A flat track is definitely advisable to make the course as accessible as possible. Don't forget to seek permission from your local council for organizing an event in public spaces. Once you have that sorted, map out the course, whether it involves a scenic trail or multiple laps around a single field.
Colour run family

Setting a realistic budget is vital to avoid overpromising and under delivering on your fundraising event. Reach out to local businesses for sponsorship opportunities, such as displaying their banners at the event or featuring their logos on merchandise. Building a team of dedicated volunteers is equally important. Recruit crew members for both setup and takedown, friendly faces for registration tables, powder throwers at colour stations, and course marshals to ensure safety.
Ariel shot of purple colour powder station

When it comes to fundraising, you can choose between donation-based or entrance fee-based formats. Donation-based fundraisers often include different tiers with unique incentives and freebies for participants to claim, based on the funds they raise. On the other hand, entrance-fee-based fundraisers involve a flat fee for all participants and provide them with a runner's pack filled with event merchandise, like medals and t-shirts (get in touch for more info on bespoke printed t-shirts!).
Fundraising fancy dress
Before the colour run begins, create a lively atmosphere at the main stage area to welcome participants. Consider hosting a warm-up session led by a DJ, event announcer, or local fitness coach. Be sure to stagger your starts to prevent congestion at colour stations and maintain a smooth flow of fun. Additionally, make use of colour fountains and distribute individual colour packets for participants to toss in the air, creating a vibrant rainbow cloud for memorable photos.
Colour powder cloud

During the colour run, set up multiple colour stations along the course, with volunteers ready to shower runners with colour powder. Ensure that your volunteers are equipped with cups or bowls to safely throw the powder. Don't forget to provide water stations at intervals to keep participants hydrated.
Colour run image

After the colour run, make the finish line visually appealing with signage linking to your event and sponsors. Hiring photographers to capture the event's highlights is highly recommended, as these images will serve as excellent promotional material for future colour runs.
Colour run finish line
Remember to comply with necessary licenses and permits for alcohol, music, and food sales. Prioritise safety by having first aid trained volunteers and, if needed, hiring additional personnel. Provide information on nearby restroom facilities for participants' convenience.
  Volunteers at fundraising colour run event

Lastly, let the enthusiasm of the participants spread to others. Sell extra colour powder and accessories to raise additional funds and encourage spectators to join in the fun. And always keep in mind, the ultimate goal of a colour run is to have fun!
If you have any questions regarding hosting your own colour run, colour dash or colour festival event, get in touch on 0330 321 3996.