The sunflower is a powerful and instantly recognisable emblem of the hospice movement.  We have a winning selection of sunflower badges that make ideal donation items.

We also offer a full bespoke charity collection badge design and manufacture service.  Please check out the bespoke pages of our website to understand how our passionate product design team can help you develop a unique badge to promote your own cause.

If you need any help, please feel free to give us a call on 01484 640800 or drop us a message at

Sunflower Badges

Bee Badge on Sunflower card

£0.45 + VAT & Delivery

Sunflower Pin with Stem

£0.43 + VAT & Delivery

Sunflower Pin Badge

£0.32 + VAT & Delivery

Sunflower with Sunglasses Button Badge

£0.20 + VAT & Delivery

23cm Sunflower with Pin

£0.99 + VAT & Delivery

Bespoke Badges

Please call for price

23cm Daisy with Pin

£0.31 + VAT & Delivery

Butterfly Badge on Sunflower card

£0.45 + VAT & Delivery