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We can supply branded labels for collection buckets and plastic boxes, we also have cardboard collection boxes which can be printed to order or personalised with stickers. And don't forget lapel stickers! Get in touch to find out more
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Bespoke Collection Devices

Lapel Stickers

Please call for a price

Bespoke Collection Bucket Labels - Rectangle Style

£1.80 + VAT & Delivery

Security Chains for Collection Boxes

£1.85 + VAT & Delivery

Collection Bucket Lid Labels

£0.25 + VAT & Delivery

Bespoke Collection Bucket Labels - Curved and Slanted Style

£1.80 + VAT & Delivery

Bespoke Collection Bucket Labels - Oval Style

£1.80 + VAT & Delivery

CCB Bespoke Wrap Polypropylene-Coated Paper

£1.80 + VAT & Delivery

(Charity Only) A5 Display Collection Box

£3.10 + VAT & Delivery