Fun and practicality combine with these bright novelty accessories. Maximise your fundraising by offering anything from practical white T-shirts to show off colour powder, to great value sunglasses and fun garlands and tutus.
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Colour Powder Event Merchandise

Box of Safety Pins

£9.75 + VAT & Delivery

Event Running Numbers

Please call for price

White T-Shirt

£1.45 + VAT & Delivery

White Wristbands

£0.35 + VAT & Delivery

White Headbands

£0.35 + VAT & Delivery

Colour Wristbands

£0.49 + VAT & Delivery

Neon Whistles

£0.45 + VAT & Delivery

Neon Bright Colour Wristbands

£0.59 + VAT & Delivery

Neon Bright Headbands

£0.55 + VAT & Delivery