Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush 2016

Care Fundraising Supplies are sponsoring the Colour Party at this year’s Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush at Oakwell Park Hall on Sunday 18th September 2016.

This annual event is one of the largest of its kind in the area, and an excellent opportunity to raise funds for a local hospice whilst having fun getting covered in the bright coloured powder.

The Colour Party will take place at the end of the colour run, and will allow participants in the colourful 5K run to really go-to-town and get completely covered in colour.

Neil Kendall, our Managing Director  is really excited about the upcoming event. “We’re really looking forward to participating in this great event.  We’re taking most of the team, plus additional family members to Oakwell Park Hall, and can’t wait to get stuck in with the coloured powder.  As a major supplier to colour run events across the UK and Europe we are normally so busy selling coloured powder and event merchandise that we don’t get a chance to actually throw it about ourselves.  Sponsoring the Colour Party is a great opportunity to support a local charity whilst also getting out of the office and having a good time.”

Emily Kennedy, Events Fundraiser at Kirkwood Hospice is delighted to have Care Fundraising Supplies on board for the 2016 Colour Rush. “Care Fundraising Supplies have been long term supporters of the Hospice and we utilise them for a lot of our Fundraising products. It’s fantastic that one of our local suppliers is giving something back to the Hospice. Care Fundraising Supplies will be in charge of showering the participants in colour at the Colour Party which takes place at the end of the Colour Rush, Team Care Fundraising Supplies are also putting a team of colleagues, family and friends together to take part in the most colourful event of the year!”

We can’t wait!  Photos to follow…

The Kirkwood Hospice Colour Run is taking place Sunday 18th September at Oakwell Park Hall.   More information can be found here.


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