Fundraising Story – 9 – Miss Sarah Maile

“We are an, all-girls, youth group from Sandbach High in Cheshire, who meet every Wednesday at lunchtime, to try and raise awareness of the horrors of Human Trafficking and how we can help those affected.
Over the last few years we have endeavored to raise money for different charities, and our current focus is Manchester based Hope for Justice. Inspired by this charity, we have created our own organisation within our school and local community, called the Sandbach SLOTHs, standing for Shine a Light On Trafficking Humans.

Our work has recently been rewarded, as we were praised in Parliament by our local MP Fiona Bruce and we have won Giving Nation’s national campaigners of the year award this year, which we are receiving in October.

We sell customised wristbands and badges (in school, but we have a stall at the next Sandbach market on the 12th of October), we are not only hoping to raise money for the charity but are hoping to spread the word and raise awareness too. Last year we raised Ā£300 in less than a month just in school and this year with the help of more personalised products we wish to raise much, much more for this incredible charity.”

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