Christmas Charity Raffles

After a beautiful end to September it now looks like Autumn has set in, which means Christmas is getting ever closer. This is a very busy time of year for everyone at Care from Contraband, the Christmas Charity Fundraisers start to plan events for the coming season.

One of our must popular ranges this time of year are the Christmas Soft Toys, which are often used for Charity Raffles at many different events. Hold a raffle at your local school or business to help raise funds and awareness.

Small Christmas Charity Raffles

Christmas Charity Bear Research your Local Authority charity collection rules before you plan any fundraising. Generally a small raffle, with tickets sold on the day of the draw will not need a licence. Your tickets should not be sold for more than £1.00 a ticket. You have a maximum spend of £250 on your prize, but you can have donated prizes above this limit. You can only offer gifts or vouchers as your prize, not cash. All your proceeds must be donated to your chosen charity. Choose a selection of Christmas Soft Toys and Branded Gifts to help promote your charity.

Private Raffles

Another type of raffle that does not need to be registered is a private raffle. Tickets will be sold to people working or living in the same premises or are members of an organisation or club.

Society Charity Raffles

A Society Raffle will need to be registered with your local authority to obtain a license. You must ensure that you comply with the Gaming Board. Tickets Cab be sold over a period of time. You are able to sell tickets to the general public. The maximum price you can charge for each ticket is £2. You must register with your local authority licensing department. There is a cost to purchase the license which is around £30-£40 for a year. You will need to have a named promoter who is responsible for the raffle. You must follow the authorities rules on how to administer the raffle and what must be printed on the tickets.

Charity Raffles are always a great way to raise money for your chosen event, people have the ‘Feel Good’ factor purchasing tickets and the chance to win a prize too!

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