So when is publicity “Good Publicity”?

Rowan Meerkat

When you come up with a great idea that captures the imagination of the local press and community.

When the story has humour and the potential to turn into a journey with a happy ending.

When the “happy ending” brings in great rewards and a “feel good” factor for the charity.

Step up and take a bow Brian Hurst of Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice and his Meerkats!

An unlikely partnership that saw Brian maximise publicity and fundraising for the hospice while providing the ‘must have’ item of the moment – not to mention increased sales as customers flocked to collect their Meerkats from Hospice Shops and bought other items at the same time. Take a look at the coverage.

So, where are they now? The story runs on…………………

Taken by their owners and photographed all over the world – next stop a competition and a change of costume to maximise the appeal to the collector.

Welcome on board Ali George from Rowans Hospice who also used a Meerkat as part of her hospices fundraising campaign with branded Button Badges, Fridge Magnets and Medals.

Meerkat ButtonMeerkat Medal

Both capitalised on the public’s engagement with and enjoyment of the Meerkat story……….

Fundraising made simples!

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