Pink Holi Colour Powder - Single 5kg bag
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Pink Holi Colour Powder - Single 5kg bag


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5kg of Pink colour throwing powder.  

If you are planning a smaller event, you can now choose your own colours with smaller quantities of each and order exactly what you need.

Each bag contains enough powder for ten people and can be added to whole 20kg boxes to obtain bulk discounts where you have 50 or more participants.

You can mix and match your own four colours in a box to get the 20kg price or just choose the pre-mixed box plus any additional colours you might want.

Check out our smaller packs of mixed individual 100g bags too.

Ministry of Colours is the Number 1 supplier of non-flammable colour powder in the UK.  Our colour throwing powder is also non-toxic and easy to clean.  Download our full product datasheet here.

Our colour powder is perfect for use at any size of event.  We supply every event type from large colour runs, fundraising events, music festivals, Holi celebrations, right down to small-scale village fetes, University and school events, family get-togethers and children's birthday parties.

Need to know how much colour powder to buy?  Refer to our quantity matrix.  You can also call us on 01484 640 800 anytime 9-5, Monday to Friday, and we'll be happy to help, or complete the contact form with your requirement and we'll be in touch to advise.