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Let's Celebrate 2021 in Colourful Style

Huddersfield based business Care Fundraising Supplies are excited to announce the launch of an innovative non-flammable Holi colour throwing powder brand to the UK outdoor event marketplace.

Ministry of Colours is the UK’s first outlet for a new kind of safe non-flammable colour powder. Developed in conjunction with our Indian manufacturing partners in Mumbai, the new powder has been independently tested and certified non-flammable according to UK, EU and US standards.  We believe we are the first UK based supplier to be able to claim that our colour powder used at large participation events and festivals is tested and certified non-flammable, non-toxic and made from natural ingredients.

Ministry of Colours has been selling colour powder to events across the UK for almost 10 years now, on average over 60 tonnes of colour powder leave our Huddersfield warehouse per year.  The health and safety requirements of our customers are paramount and we are regularly asked about the make-up, toxicity and flammability of the powder - with good reason as colour powder events encompass all age ranges.  We know there is a real desire to make these events as safe as possible.

The new colour powder comes in seven fantastically vibrant colours.  Keeping to the traditions of the Hindu Holi festival (celebrating Spring, love and new life and where the use of colour powder originates), the colours available are red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange and purple.  The powder is made from corn starch (also known as cornflour or maize starch) and natural food grade dyes; it is also non-toxic and easy-to-clean.

We have designed a new 5kg carry bag to make it easier to take the powder where you need it - no more lugging heavy barrels or awkward drums of powder across an event site!  Our ever popular 100g pouches of powder look great with their new branding and so handy to give out to people.  We are also really excited about the squeezy bottles and powder cannons for that extra splash of colour just where it's wanted - they're always in demand. 

We know what a challenging year 2020 has been for so many organisations, which is why we are more than pleased to have been speaking with Holi event planners across the UK in advance of their celebrations, which starts at the end of March 2021.   It means we have been able to secure colour powder deliveries too - lots of stock available means lots of happy customers!

We’re also really excited to be engaging with other event and festival planners for next year too.  We are confident that 2021 is going to be a brilliant year - what better way to celebrate beating covid than a dazzling colour powder event?

To download a product safety datasheet and buy any of the products in our non-flammable colour powder range visit  You can also phone the colour powder events team at Care Fundraising Supplies on 01484 640800.