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Starting to think about Summer Events yet...?

As we all know, things have been a bit crazy for the past 12 months. However, as we begin to see a potential path back to some kind of normality, we need to accept that there’s a lot of work to be done by everyone and not just The State.

We are all going to have to work a bit harder and we’ve probably got fewer resources too so we also need to work smarter. Here at Care Fundraising we have been as badly impacted as you have but this has forced us into a better way of working and that starts here with a dialogue with you.

By understanding each other’s issues and by working together, we can overcome the obstacles we all face. Right now, stocks of event merchandise are low and supply chains are still disrupted. Buying speculative stock is expensive and risky and ultimately these costs need to be passed on. This is not ideal as every penny counts when running an event.

In future posts we’ll be letting you know how we can secure you the merchandise you require in time for your event. We’ll also be rolling out a program that will allow you to combine your purchasing power with that of others to secure a much lower price than would normally be possible.

For now though, as you enter the planning stages of your events, you can be confident that we will be able to get you what you need in time for Summer. 

We do expect there will be higher demand than usual later this year so if you want to make sure you can secure what you need, and if you want a better price too, then please engage us in your discussions as early as possible.

We wish you every success with your 2021 fundraising projects and we look forward to working with you on them.

Please email any enquiries to or view all our colour powder event products.

Many thanks

The Care Fundraising Team