Sending Artwork

We accept digital artwork, in most formats, at 250-300 dpi, 100% printing size:

For artwork that is single or multiple colour our Preferred Format is; Adobe Illustrator®, or a high resolution file saved as a pdf

For full colour work our Preferred Format is;

  • ai 
  • Tiff 
  • Eps 
  • Pdf 
  • Jpeg

Where possible the file should be at least 300dpi and at 100% print size.

Formats not immediately useable are:

  • GIF 
  • PageMaker® 
  • Microsoft Word® or Power Point®.

*These files are office applications not graphic applications and will need reworking of the artwork to get it into a useable state.

Colour Specification; Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours are best when communicating colour choices - download a Pantone Guide. Pantone colours represented in these charts may vary due to individuals colour settings on their monitor or printer.

In Photoshop® or pixel based artwork:

  • Leave the artwork in Photoshop format where possible. 
  • If possible keep layers (do not merge). This allows refining difficult color transitions for a better end product. 
  • 300 dpi files are the maximum necessary though we can work with higher resolutions; remember larger files will take longer to transmit via e mail.

Personalised items are subject to an artwork fee which varies by product.