Colour Run Charity Events

Colour Run / Powder Events are the latest craze to hit the UK. Care Fundraising Supplies are now the exclusive distributor of the colour powder from the US. For more information and other fundraising supplies associated with colour run events, please go to

Collecting Donations at a Colour Run Event 

If you are planning on hosting a colour run event or you want to raise money for a specific charity, there are a few necessary items to take along with you.

Firstly, as you hope to raise as much money as possible, you are going to need a method of collecting it. Our charity collection buckets are great for gathering large amounts of donations. They can be personalised using labels and stickers representing your chosen charity. All buckets are tamper proof and sturdy.

You’re also going to require extra fundraising supplies to help your campaign be a successful one. Tabards, stickers and collection boxes can all be purchased from us – along with other products and ideas for different charity events.

Colour Runs are a great fundraising event, combining charity awareness and donation collecting with fun and enjoyment for all ages. Please get in touch for more details.

We aim to match any like for like genuine quotation for coloured powder. Contact us for more details.

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