Charity Collection Boxes

Collection boxes, tins, cans...

Whatever you want to call them, they help raise millions of pounds for charity every year.  Often found on shop counters or used for street fundraising, charity collection boxes are an effective, simplistic way of collecting money to donate to charity.

Collection Boxes & Security Seals

Our Charity Collection Boxes have a unique, patented design. They are ergonomically moulded which makes them comfortable to hold and the strong handle supports the box at full weight. Each box is supplied with a hanging cord and security seal. Simply break the seal and unscrew the lid to empty and reuse again and again, with no chance of breaking your device. Extra seals are available to buy, as are security chains. Our boxes come in a range of vibrant colours and offer a large printable area to promote your cause with a personalised sticker.

We also supply cardboard collection boxes which are ideal for business and home fundraising.

Raising Money at a Colour Run

These charity collection boxes are a simple, effective method of collecting money at a colour run charity event. Made secure with our special security seals, they can be placed strategically around the course for participants to donate money easily and safely.