Charity Collection Buckets

Charity collection buckets are exactly that - They provide a simple and effective method of collecting donations at a fundraising event. Whether you are looking for a personalised set of fundraising buckets to use at a charity event, or a sturdy, practical one to take donations outside a shop, we aim to provide the perfect charity collection buckets for you.

Using the Buckets at a Charity Event

Our Charity Collection Buckets come in 10 fantastic vibrant colours including red, yellow, black and green.  They are secure and tamper proof, which means they can be safely used in shops, receptions or for street fundraising.

Each product comes with a security lid and 2 security ties. We also offer a label printing service to give your bucket the perfect personal touch. Labels are available on PVC or Paper. 

Charity Colour Runs

Charity collection buckets are the perfect accessory for Colour Runs and other charity events. Collecting donations in a safe and simplistic way is sure to make your fundraising event a successful one.

Our Fundraising Buckets

Colours include green, red, blue and many more. Green collection buckets are a particularly popular choice amongst fundraisers. They are all tamper proof and can be personalised - Colours, stickers and designs can all be edited to suit your specific charity and help to promote your cause.

If you require further information on any of our charity collection products, how you can personalise your fundraising supplies or to get some fundraising ideas/advice, contact us or fill in an enquiry form.

Good luck with your campaign from Care Fundraising Supplies!