Collection Tins

Walking through your nearest town center, you will more than likely to see a volunteer or charity worker collecting money using collection tins (and probably with great success).

Collection tins may seem an old fashioned method of raising money for charity, what with all the new technology and websites. Collection tins however, are still an extremely effective way of collecting money. Not only are they portable, they can also be left stationary in a shop, restaurant or hotel reception and collect money until they are full.

Here at Care Fundraising Supplies, we have a wide range of collection tins available to suit your needs. All our collection tins are specially manufactured with a patented design. This design makes the tin comfortable and easier to hold by supporting the fingers in specialized grooves. Our collection tins also have a handle that will support the tin at full weight (approx. 4.5kgs).

Our collection tins come in a range of colours and can be personally designed to the charity you are supporting. The collection tins also come with a security seal and extras can be bought online. Also, stickers or specially designed labels can be printed to personalize your collection tins.

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