The Flumpets Are Here!

Our Flumpet family is expanding, we are welcoming a whole extra gaggle of Flumpets into our team.  Alongside the original Farmyard range, we have a new range of Woodland friends, and a new group of Cats & Dogs coming too.  Add to this our ever-popular Elvin the Elf Flumpet and the family is really beginning to look great.

Who are the Flumpets?

Our Flumpets are a handful, literally.  They fit perfectly in the palm of the hand, and are designed for children to enjoy.  Measuring approximately 8cm across, these guys are perfectly formed for play.  Created using beautifully soft plush fabrics, each individual has their own character and are great collector’s items.

Tell me a little more about the history of the Flumpets

The first Flumpets came into being for the Christmas of 2015.  We worked with our carefully selected Chinese manufacturing partner to design the original set of festive themed items.  The Flumpets are unique to Care Fundraising Supplies, and we are very proud of how much these guys have supported hundreds of fundraising campaigns in recent times.  At the last count, we think we’ve sold in excess of 200,000 Flumpets in the past two years.

So, who’s in the current selection of Flumpets?

The ever-expanding range includes the following characters.  Each have been designed by our team of soft toy specialists.

Cats & Dogs:

Shackles, Molly & Maxi the dogs, plus Marmalade and Sooty the cats.  Each of these guys are based on actual pets that Care Fundraising Supplies team own!  It’s been a great experience to bring these guys to life like this.  View details of the Cat & Dog Flumpets here.


Sam the squirrel, Ollie the Owl, Freddie the Frog, Boris the Badger and Hattie the Hedgehog.  These cuties are fantastic.  We designed them with nature and environmental fundraising projects in mind.  View the Woodland Flumpets range in detail here.


Lamby the Lamb, Oink the Pig, Flopsy the Bunny, Chirpy the Chick and Daisy the Cow.  These are our best sellers, and you can see why!  Such great quality.  View the Farmyard Flumpets here.

Flumpet safety

We take the manufacture of these toys very seriously.  Each item has their own CE test certificate. The Flumpets are tested to see what these guys are made from, as well as the way they are put together.  There’s even a stress test in there, where the toy is pulled and tugged to see how strong they are.  Horrific to think of these guys being treated in such a way, but vitally important to ensure they can survive a little rough play with children.

Order today

We’d love to hear what you think of the new Flumpets.  Why not give us a call on 01484 640800 to request a sample?  Check out the Flumpet section of our website for further information.  Keep an eye out for future developments as the Flumpets are going places.

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