Midnight Walks v Colour Runs – or BOTH?

In 2013 59 hospices raised almost 4 million pounds through their Midnight Walk Events and even though numbers and income are dropping, it is still a major income earner for a lot of hospices.

So, should fundraisers continue focusing on trying to revitalise their Midnight Walks or change to a new event? Who is the new kid on the block?

We are excited and all geared up for ‘The Color Run’ a major event in the USA (hence the spelling of colour) with its roots in the Hindu “Holi Festival”, also known as the festival of colours. With several events planned in the UK this year, should fundraisers take this on board as a new event?

Group of Color Run Participants

Fundraisers experience at organising similar events will stand them in good stead. The real benefit of this event is that it tends to attract a much younger market who enjoy the fun and buzz of the colour run, with its cool sunglasses, great music, powder throws and photo opps.

The Soon to launch “Care Colours” will the UK exclusive distributor of the safest, most vibrant colour powder you can buy – biodegradable, easy clean with colours that are fully tested Food and Cosmetic Grade.

To get an idea of the event, have a look at the New Color Run UK Site.

Not only do we supply the throwing powder in bulk and bags, we also sell the neon sunglasses with reflective lenses.

For customers buying the powder we offer a FREE Information Pack which contains suggestions for Organisers on Clean Up, Advice on the event logistics and instructions on how to maximise this event.

Email for more details.

If your Midnight Walk is organised along the lines of a “fun” walk, with fancy dress, tutus and flashing bunny ears then some of those participants may well transfer to the Colour Run.

If your Midnight Walk is more of a ”Memory Event” then would add a new event with a completely different atmosphere and focus. You would be adding a new market segment to your event calendar.

A question to ask yourself is would these young people want to be part of your data base or are they supporting the event for the fun and enjoyment without particular reference to your charity?

Is The Colour Run a charity sponsor event or an easy introduction to an awareness of your charity without participants being sent further information on Lottery – Light up a Life etc.

Both Midnight Walks and The Colour Run justify their inclusion in an Events Calendar – resources can sometimes be the only constraint! Whatever you decide to do we will be here to support you.

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