Fundraising Story – 3

I am fundraising for a very worthy charity Lion Aid… I know there are so many charities out there, all worthy of support but Lion Aid certainly inspired me to sit up and do something.  African Lions are disappearing at an alarming rate and Lion Aid (a UK based charity) relies solely on kind donations received.  They do not receive any help any where else such as grants.  I want to teach children, that if they get involved with a charity that they believe in, they can make a difference.  I have to make a difference to provide that point.

Lion Aid’s website:

‘I have always been very passionate about wildlife and all animals, but I have always been an ‘armchair activist’.  Voicing my opinion via social media sites, signing petitions and shedding a tear over some awful animal cruelty story that we have all become so accustomed to hearing or reading about. 

‘That is shameful!’ ‘How disgusting!’ ‘How can people be so cruel!’

I’ve heard it all and I’ve said it time and time again myself. Then we turn the page, close the newspaper, turn the tv off or sign out of our social media sites for the day, only to wake up the next morning and the tears wept the day before for those heartbreaking stories that we thought would haunt us forever, are all forgotten. 

My excuse has always been, ‘I’m just one person, a nobody, what can I do?’
Well, that all changed when I saw all the media attention regarding the ‘celebrity’ that proudly posed for a portrait of her recent kill… A stunning male African Lion. It made me so angry and I was so repulsed by it all, I made the normal response on all media sites, shed tears, completed various petitions but I still woke up the next day feeling angry, but angry at myself.  The first thought I had when waking up was, ‘I need to get off my butt and do something!’

Supporting LionAid can help change laws, change the way people think and most importantly, help to safe guard the future of these incredible creatures. They rely solely on fundraising, if I can help in this tiny way, it’s doing something. 

Something is much better than nothing!

I’m just one person… But I honesty believe that if all the armchair activists out there, get out of their armchairs and stand together, we can fight for this incredible species and make a difference.’

I have started a JustGiving fundraising page to try and raise as much money as I can.  In just 3 days, I have received 7 donations amounting to £61!

The money raised was not due to a particular event but by promoting the cause and the charity via social media.

I have asked all my family and friends to not buy me a Christmas present but to please make a donation instead via my Twitter and Facebook pages.  Although… I hope I wasn’t making any presumptions that they were actually going to buy me a present in the first place!! 🙂

I have also purchased various items to make up an amazing Roar for the Lions Hamper that I will be raffling via approaching local businesses, organisations, friends, family and of course… It will go viral on my social site pages!  I have bought the items which in total come to the value of just under £100 and it includes.. Plush lion toys, games, masks, stationery, craft products etc..
It will all be up and running as soon as all the items have been delivered.  I thought I could donate the £100 but I really want that money to work for the charity and I have set a very optimistic target of £500! I can do it!


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