Fundraising Story – 8 – Alex Ross-Shaw

Big thanks to Alex Ross-Shaw for this, the penultimate story on our short list;

“Basically my hair had been getting a bit thin at the front so decided it was time to get it cut, and to ensure I went through with it, and because it was such a big thing (I’d had long hair since I was 15 and I’m now 30!) I decided to support a local charity and raise some money for them.

I chose Bradford Cancer Support as I’d worked with them previously in getting a clothes bin placed so they could collect textiles and raise money. I’m an elected Councillor in Bradford and know they do excellent work providing face to face support to people with cancer and their carers and families. As a local Councillor I’ve seen the number of events they run to raise funds for this work.

Using Just Giving has been really easy and I’ve been able to update people via the site, linking to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep friends and followers aware of what is going on and to remind them (in a friendly way!) to donate! Once I had the hair cut and started posting pictures it prompted more people to donate as they could see what I’d actually done and everyone knew that I was very attached to my hair – both physically and emotionally!

I wouldn’t say there has been any past failed events – but I’ve been putting off getting my hair cut for years now and this has encouraged me to go through with it! Now the hair is cut I’m hoping I don’t have to shave it all off in future years but if I do I’ll no doubt be trying to raise more money for it!

So far I’ve raised £230 and have more to add from offline donations from people. I’m also asking my employer, Northern Gas Networks, to match fund the first £200 through their charitable program, so hopefully I can top £500 when everything is counted.”

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