Fundraising Story – 4

So here is the 4th story from our shortlist, this one was submitted by Jenny-Anne Dexter who raises money for Oldies Club;

“I’ve recently joined a charity and in my own time I raise money for Oldies Club – for old dogs.

I had huge success raising money by inventing a game called ‘What’s in the Box?’ It could be played online (Guess to Give, JustGiving etc) as well as in person and through posters and in the press.

Simply guess what’s in the box – there’s a picture of the box so you can see what size it is, plus three clues. If someone guesses the correct answer, they win whatever was in the box, plus a nice bottle of champagne.

Over 300 people had a guess, raising £2 a time for charity. If no-one guessed correctly, the funniest answer won. What was in the box? I’m not telling you unless you give Oldies Club £200! “

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