And the Winner is…..

Firstly we would like to say a huge thank you to all of those fundraisers who took the time to share their stories with us, we really hope your fundraising success stories can go on to inspire others in their fundraising efforts.

So, the reason you’re all here, the winner is;

Andy Hawkins aka “The Beard Man” for his Year of Beard Challenge

So congratulations Andy, we will be in touch very shortly to arrange your prize!

Selecting The Winner

Given our many years in the industry it was inevitable that some of our customers would enter the competition so in the interests of impartiality Garry Wilkinson, Director of Fundraising and Marketing and Kirkwood Hospice kindly offered to judge for us and here is what he thought of our winner and a brief mention for entrant Lisa Benton;

“My favourite is “The Year of Beard” because I like the way he took his original idea and developed it.

He chose a relevant charity to what he was doing, which meant growing his hair had a practical benefit for the beneficiaries as well as the financial benefit of his fundraising.

I also liked how he thought of other ideas to raise money, for example the calendar.  Then he managed to get some online coverage and was picked up by a celebrity too, which pushed his message and that of the charity out further.  Really good! 

I would also commend the Lion Aid lady Lisa Benton for her obvious passion and desire to do something.”

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