How do I stop the decline in numbers for my annual sponsored events?

Many charities who hold annual sponsored events such as Midnight Walk, Cycle Ride, Fun Run or Dog Walk can find that their numbers decline over time.

Part of the problem is that participants find they have to ask the same circle of family and friends for sponsorship year after year.

So, how can we solve that problem?

Offer participants a wide range of options instead of just the standard sponsorship form. These could include:-

  • Bring bags of donated goods
  • Hold a fundraising event before the day and bring the money raised as their sponsorship:-
  1.       Coffee Morning
  2.       Bring and Buy
  3.       Dine at Mine
  4.       Chess/Darts/Dominos Competition
  5.       Give Time – such as bag packing in supermarkets or selling lottery tickets.
  • Join the Charity Weekly Lottery for a year

So, you let participants do what works for them.

I can see that the issue of allocating monies across different fundraising areas may need addressing – the problem of fundraising specialisation is that it only suits the specialists.

We need to see fundraising in a holistic way based around what works for the charities supporters – that way we retain their support and loyalty.

Post Author: Liz Jackson


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