What’s in a Voice?

How important is the first voice you hear when you telephone a company? I hate speaking to a voice recognition system almost as much as hearing the bored voice of a receptionist who can’t wait to put you through to someone else – no pleasantries, no interest – just a well-travelled script and a can’t be bothered attitude.

Does it matter? Does it make you less inclined to place an order? Am I just an old fogey, stuck in the past with reminiscences of better times when “Yes” meant just that, not “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” in “get on it with it” repetition.

Sometimes though the right voice somehow helps – soothing, de-stressing – someone who is listening and enjoying it.

I never realised that Lex – usually the first point of contact for Care Fundraising Supplies – had such a loyal following among customers, or why.


Telephone Communication

It’s the voice she said – in my past I’ve been the voice of Ford’s new Fiesta, BA’s recruitment, BT, British Gas – not to mention promoting Blackpool, Wigan and Preston North End Football matches! Wigan Pier, Botany Bay, Volkswagen and National Radio Commercials have all used me.

I never knew!

So maybe there is something to this – but how much?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences when communicating or trying to communicate over the phone.

Liz Jackson
Care Fundraising Supplies
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