Is importing Knick Knacks the same as Community Fundraising?

A personal view from Liz –

In a past job I imported Gift-ware, very quickly renamed “Knick Knacks” as a tongue in cheek put down by friends and acquaintances. I am getting the feeling that Community Fundraising is starting to be treated in the same way in the fundraising world – not as glamorous as Event Fundraising and much more get your hands dirty than Major Donor, Trusts and Corporate Fundraising.

It may be as a result of fundraising becoming more professional with a focus on ROI – Return On Investment – becoming the Holy Grail of decision making.  Over the last year we have spent time helping customers to present their purchasing decisions in line with ROI criteria.

But maybe there is more to it than that. Just like the knick knacks that are personal choices, loved and cherished (maybe not my taste but loved all the same) – we all have objects around us that are special just to us.

So it is with community fundraising – the local community becomes involved with the charity that becomes special to them.  For those who are inclined to leave a legacy to charity, which one to choose becomes a much easier decision, but how is that gift measured in ROI terms?

There is some research on the 7% of people who leave a legacy to charity:-

  • how much is left
  • which charities benefit most
  • the role of a solicitor in prompting the idea

I just wonder how much research has been done on why those donors chose that particular charity.

Anyone any thoughts? If so, feel free to leave a comment.



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