Using Facebook to Promote a Charity

Did you know that Facebook has over 800 Million users?  Using Facebook can be an excellent tool to promote a charity or non-profit organisation.  When used correctly, it can connect you to people that may not have previously known about your cause.

Facebook is the most popular social network on the internet, so it makes sense to create a strong presence and promote your organisation online. Does your charity have any video content, podcasts, interviews, or imagery?  Using Facebook gives you a great platform to upload these types of media quickly and easily.

Here are some tips on using Facebook to promote your charity or cause.

1. Create a Facebook ‘page’ for your charity instead of a normal profile

Pages are a great way of updating people about news and events within your charity. This is because when you create a new status update on a fan page it is posted to almost all of your ‘followers’ news feeds. Also pages are indexed in search engines and people who aren’t using Facebook can still see your page. Here is an example of a fan page we created for Care Fundraising Supplies

2. Add a “Like Box” to your charity’s website

This is really simple to do and is a great way of spreading the word and sharing your website on your “likers” Facebook pages. It also allows their friends to see a link to your site on their wall.

3. Encourage donors to like your Facebook page

When someone makes a donation on your website, make sure you remind them about your Facebook page and add a “Like us on Facebook!” graphic on the email thanking them for their donation, by including that button again.  Ask them to update their status with a link to your website “I’ve just made a donation”

4. Ask questions to create discussions

Facebook is designed to get people talking and sharing comments and discussions between users. A good way to make your page more interesting and give it a community-driven feel  is by posting questions on your status updates. People will then respond with replies to comments and this often sparks up discussions between users.

5. Promote Events and Sale Items

Update followers on any events planned, you can tell them about any products you many have for sale in shops or link to your website products.  People like to see special offers, or get idea’s on what to wear to events such as Midnight Walk or Fun Runs.


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