How to Organise a Corporate Fundraising Event

Organising a corporate event can seem a very daunting task.  But with advanced planning your Fundraising Day will go smoothly and be fun and bring departments and employees together improving morale by working together.

Care Fundraising Supplies has helped many groups and corporations over the years and here are our tips on planning a great fundraising event:Charity Fundraising Packs

Choose your Charity

Are you fundraising for one Charity or a group of charities? Have you spoken with your chosen charity to discuss your ideas as they may well promote your day with you?

Meetings & Minutes

Every corporate event needs an agenda otherwise mayhem will quickly takeover.  You will also need to ensure that delegate’s interests are kept sharp, so paying attention to the timings of different aspects of the day is also important.  At the planning stage keep notes of tasks and delegates to ensure there is no confusion at future meetings.


Book your venue as soon as possible, will it be onsite or off site?  Make sure you have booked and confirmed your venue before making any other arrangements.

Family Fun Days

Corporate events do not have to be just about employees. Company morale is boosted if you include the partners and families of employees in your corporate entertainment plans. Whether this extends to inviting partners to corporate functions or hosting a family fun day where your team can mix socially with their colleagues and families?


Design and send out your invitations well in advance, using your logo combined with your chosen charity.  Are you going to need T-Shirts or other products to help promote your business and event?

Ways to raise funds on the dayCharity Lottery Ticket

Quiz shows are a great way to break the ice at the start of a corporate event or can be used as entertainment between courses at an evening meal.  Lottery tickets and prizes are a great way to increase the days collections.  Golf days or sporting events can get everyone involved.  Do you need collecting tins or buckets?  Have you considered if a collecting licence is needed?

Keynote Speakers

Inviting along keynote speakers to your company conference is a great way to introduce a different dimension to your event. Keynote speakers can either be celebrities or someone from another business field who you think can offer valuable insight that could benefit your business.

Plan for the worst

Make sure you have a back-up plan if the weather means you have to cancel or change your location.  Check all your equipment before the day, do you have enough extension leads, and do you have someone that can give technical back-up?

Gifts and Takeways

Printed promotional gifts that delegates can take home with them are a great way to promote your business as well as leave a permanent reminder of the fantastic time they had.Printed Promotional Gifts

Business Corporate events are all about business and can improve the way your business works via team building events.  Have fun on the day and raise funds for your chosen charity.

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