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Charity Collection Boxes and Collection Tins

Did you know that Care Fundraising Supplies collection tins are an exclusive design?

So how to design a collecting tin?  Lots of thought and planning went into the design of our collection tins.  How many coins can it hold verses how many coins will it hold before it is too heavy to carry.  How secure will it be and how can you further secure the collecting tin.  Can it be reused?  How to advertise the Charity and what colours to choose.

One of the most important design aspects involved the handling of the tin whilst collecting. Although tins are placed in outlets, they are also held during street collections. We designed our collection box with an ergonomic shape that fits into the hand making it comfortable to hold without the shape reducing its carrying capacity.

Direct Print Charity Collection Box

Advertising on the collection box was considered to be very important, we allowed for a large space above the holding area so the Charity logo could be clearly seen.  There is the choice of printing options from labels to direct print.Printed Collection Box Labels

Security is very important and the collection boxes offer stickers that can be used to seal the screw cap to the body of the box.  The seal is “tamper evident” and leaves a trace when removed – it cannot  be peeled off and replaced   We also designed a security chain that can be attached to the collection box allowing them to be left safely chained at outlets.

Finally we chose a good range of vibrant colours made to attract the eye and also be able to fit in with logo brand schemes.  We constantly review our colour schemes and have introduced our latest White Collection Box after suggestions from our customers.

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