Summer charity fundraising events idea’s

Need new fundraising events? Ideas with FUN are the key!

Raising money should be fun and uplifting. Go beyond the jumble sales, the cake sale, or any of the other average fundraising events. Care Fundraising Supplies have supplied and supported many successful charity events and we know how important it is to have fun for the person contributing the money.

Here are some new and entertaining ways to raise money for your charity or cause.

Have a tournament as one of your fundraising events. Ideas for tournaments include anything from golf, bowling, monopoly, or even a dry cracker eating contest.

Charity Golfing Events

Keep in mind any tournament should have 3 key elements: A fee to enter, participants and a prize for the winner. Don’t forget to advertise, and have volunteers with collection boxes with lapel stickers for those that donate on the day.

Charity Collection Boxes

Have a summer carnival. Great for local communities – ideas for these fun events include face painting, fun runs, fancy dress competitions and other inexpensive activities.

Charity Night race/Walks/Cycles are great fun and hundreds are held around the country each year. Supporters can dress up and many like to wear glowing and flashing fancy dress outfits to get into the spirit of the event.

Flashing and Fun Charity Fancy Dress

Car Washing for Charity is simple to organise and fun to do. Print your Charity logo on T-shirts for all volunteers and have collection buckets for donations.

Burst the Balloon games are great fun for children and adults alike. Hide prize tickets inside the balloons or time the number of balloons burst in a minute.

Personalised Balloons

And finally business fundraising is great to boost moral, encourage team work and bring departments together. Choose a charity and arrange a dress down day or fancy dress day, offer bake-off competitions and leave collection boxes and buckets in main reception area’s to encourage visitors to donate too.

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