Midnight Walks for Charities

Midnight Walks

This time of year many charities are releasing dates for their 2012 Midnight Walks. The walks are planned to start at midnight, normally the route is set around the 10k mark but could be shorter or longer depending on the route.
All fitness levels are welcome on the walks and often the Charity Website will offer tips and hints on training and fitness on the run-up to the event.

What to Wear at a Midnight Walk?

Sometimes the event planners will supply and t-shirt with the Charities name on it but often walker will dress up to brighten up the walk. Flashing Bunny Ears are very popular as well as glow in the dark jewellery such as glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces.
Generally planned in the summer months so you can enjoy your walk in warm temperatures and hopefully dry, but you can never plan these things with the good old English weather!

Flashing Bunny Ears
Check with your chosen Charity to see if they are planning a Midnight Walk this year, maybe they have annouced the dates on a Facebook Page or Twitter?
On the walk itself there will be Marshalls to guide you all the way, often with refreshments through-out the walk. You may want to think about taking your own water bottle with you and even a snack or energybar to keep you going.

Midnight Walk Medals
Finally when you have finished your walk you will be presented with a Medal commemorating your achievement. The feeling of achievement and satisfaction for completing the walk and raising money for your chosen charity is second to none so look online now and see if youhave a Midnight Walk planned in your local area.

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