Raising Money for Race for Life

The Race for Life 2012 dates have now been launched on the Race for Life official Website.

Pink Cowgirl Hats

If you are planning to enter or you have already entered into a local race (They fill up fast) now is the time to start planning your day.

How do you intend to raise money for the charity? Many people will get together in a group and collectively raise money, you may want to organise collection boxes or collection buckets in preparation for your fundraising plans. Why not ask if the collection box could be left at work to help generate funds, or in any local groups you may attend. Remember that collecting money on the street will require a licence from the local authority before hand.

What do you plan to wear on the day? More and more nowadays people are wearing fancy dress to the race day. Feather Boas and Pink Hats are very popular. What about Pink Flashing Headbands?

We always advise that you start your fundraising plans as early as possible, organise a group of friends or work colleagues to raise money together.

Finally don’t forget to set yourself a fitness plan in advance, not only will this give you a great feeling raising money for a charity, but you will also be keeping yourself fit and will give you a goal to work toward.


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