Planning a Charity Christmas Fair

There is an estimated Ā£50 million generated per every year for Registered Charities.

Within the UK, Christmas Cards are one of the biggest fundraising channels for a charity. More funds are raised by the sale of charity cards than by any other product. Festive Fates are a good idea, bring and buy sales and home made crafts and Christmas Charity Products are popular at Christmas time.

Organise an event where people bring items like books and DVDs to sell, have festive themed charity products such as Christmas Candles and christmas soft toys, Charity Christmas Decorations that promote your charity. Buying a Christmas Decoration to hang on the Christmas tree is satifiying, knowing that you have helped a charity at Christmas time.

Christmas Charity Collections Boxes

Some festive fundraising ideas include:

Making Christmas decorations or crafts

Christmas baking

Carol singing in the local area

Calendars (of the local area)

Charity Christmas Decorations

Christmas Loose Change Boxes can be used at your fate to further promote your charity. Christmas Carol Singing events are often seen around shopping area’s to help generate funds, have Christmas Candle holders with a battery night light and maybe even Santa Outfits to really get into the spirit of things. Remeber to have your Charity Collection Boxes at the ready!

A licence is required by anyone collecting money or selling aricles from door-to-door for charitable purposes and it is an offence to hold a collection without one. An applicant may be expected to provide evidence of their integrity and the bona fide nature of the charity for you are collecting before permission is granted. This is normally by the applicant consenting to a check of their antecedents with the local police and providing details of registration of the parent charity with the Charity Commission.

Collecting money at Christmas time can be very rewarding both on a personal level and for your dedicated charity so enjoy planning your Christmas Fate and remember to tell everyone after the event how much your raised for your charity.

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