Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Childrens Santa Fun Run SuitChristmas is one of the best times of year to raise money for charity, with increased shoppers in local shopping centres and towns and the joy of giving gifts at Christmas makes it an ideal time to collect donations.

At Care from Contraband we have launched our new Christmas Catalogue to ensure your existing and new clients have plenty of time to prepare for this busy period.

We hope that these fundraising ideas will help you with your charity organisation:

  • We all know the saying “Charity begins at home’, so ask friends and family to get involved with your event.
  • Charity Sponsored Christmas Cards spread the word and with a % of the price being donated to your charity is a great way to raise funds.
  • Charity Soft ToyWhy not organise a Christmas Carol Choir outside your local supermarket or shopping centre? Remember to ask permission from your local authority. Use Charity collection boxes to receive donations whilst you sing.
  • Christmas Toys are a great purchase in the festive season, Christmas soft toys are always a popular purchase and with a % going to your charity it is a great reason for someone to purchase them!
  • Santa Fun Runs – through the UK there are many organised Santa Fun Runs. Many events have already been organised locally, most runners tend to wear fancy dress and Santa suits are the most popular choice.

Finally remember, which ever fundraising ideas you have for this Christmas period, your plans will help will remind people of the true spirit of Christmas!

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