10 Steps to a Successful a Fundraising Event

Here at Care from Contraband we deal with many Charities and Fund Raising Groups throughout the year. Fundraising is a great way of raising money for your organisation but time should be taken to ensure that you carefully plan your event plenty of time in advance. Here are our tips and hints to help you plan a great event .

Planning a Charity Event

1. Why?

The best place to start on your plan is the purpose of your event. Is it just a fundraising event? Or does it have any other goals? You may want to raise money for your charity but you may also want to raise awareness of the charity or reach out to a new network. Planning the need and the goal will help you organise the event correctly.

2. Your Fundraising Goal:

Plan a meeting with your committee, staff, and key any fundraisers, as you need to agree on the amount of money you plan to raise at the event. If this is truly a fundraising event, then everything in the event plan will be geared to raising this specific amount of money. The amount you choose should be what you hope to net, that is, the amount you plan to raise less the expenses paid out.

3. The Budget:

You’ll need to plan in advance your expected budget for your event. This should include things such as any staff wages and costs, invitations, venue rental costs, catering, entertainment, any transportation, will you need to organise toilets and other utilities? Always remember to leave an amount for any unforeseen expenses that you did not plan for.

4. Target Audience:

Who is the target audience for your event? Is it the sort of event where everyone will be invited? Or is this event geared towards a specific group such as companies, parents, or other professionals? In short, you need to decide who to invite to your event.

5. Set – Up:

Make sure you plan your set-up well in advance. Plan where everything will be. Will food be served? Will there be entertainment? Do you need all your event staff in branded T-shirts promoting your charity? What is the itinerary for the event?

6. Promoting the Event:

Just like a new product or company, your event needs to be marketed to your chosen target audience. You need to encourage your supporters that your charity and event are worthy of their time and money. Plan your marketing for the event or employ a marketing company to help you. Nowadays Social Media is great for Charities and helps with word of mouth advertising reaching large audiences. You may want to purchase promotions goods such as pens or badges to send out and design invitations and adverts.

Charity Collection Tins

7. Money Collection:

Once you market your event, how will you be taking money for thel ticket sales, or donations for the event. Do you need to supply Charity Collection Tins, or Donation buckets for the event? Will you be selling products at the event, such as soft toys, Key Rings or Medals if it’s a sponsored sports events. Goody bags printed to promote your charity with small gifts are great for visitors and will be used after the event further increasing your charities message.

8. The Run Through:Charity Collection Buckets

Gather the staff together and have a dress rehearsal, where they should be during the event, and how the event is going to “flow.” If you are having a large or unusual event, the key event staff may want to have a practice run to make sure that your operation is running smoothly and everyone knows where they should be on the day.

9. Thank You:

Remember to thank everyone involved in the event, send thank-you notes to everyone, including contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors. You may want to plan this event again next year and everyone will remember the thank you note.

10. After the Event:

Remember to tell everyone how much you raised on and after the event, you could do this through your Social Media pages. Send out further promotional gifts commemorating the day, pens are a great reminder for the charity, goodies such as Mugs and wrist bands help promote your charity long after the event.

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