UK Charity Fundraising

UK Charities

Did you know that in England and Wales, there are around 170,000 main charities that are registered with the Charity Commission? Most of the Charities are not for profit organisations so they depend on receiving their donations through different types of fundraising events, and charity merchandise.

Raising Charity Funding through Merchandising

Branded Charity Bags, charity wrist bands, charity key rings, charity medals, branded clothing, soft toys, badges and pens containing the charity’s logo are all great ways of promoting the charity through promotional merchandise. Not only is this a great way of increasing the money raised for the charity, it also increases the brand awareness and encourages others to support the charity.

Charity Badges

We find that badges tend to be the most successful and cost effective way for national and local charity organisations to promote themselves and their cause. Badges can be worn by people of any age and shows support for the charity.

Charity Collection Boxes

Charity buckets and collection boxes are a fantastic way of generating money at a planned charity event, charity buckets can be personalised to promote the charity. Sponsored walks and Charity events are planned all over the UK and promoting your chosen charity with a personalised label gives the donator peace of mind.Personalised Charity ClothingPersonalised charity clothing is the latest way to promote a charity, we are now starting to see ‘Wear it Pink’ in supermarkets across the country. Branded running vests and printed T-Shirts are great for a fun day or event.

Planning your Charity DayThis really is a whole blog topic of its own and we’ll post one soon, but basically you need to plan: Where, When, What, Contingency and After The Event. On our next blog we’ll help you with great tips!

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