Medals for fundraising charity events

Raising Money for Charity Events

Charity Medal and Ribbon When it comes to raising money for charity events a great way to accomplish this is through charity fundraising. Many organisations rely on large amounts of money being raised for their cause to keep them going. Their main focus is to promote charity events that will spread the word about their specific cause.

As with all fundraising events money can be raised through these events but not many people really understand the cause. However, to make people more aware organisers can use promotional materials to raise money for the events as well as strengthen the cause by raising the awareness of the cause in people.

Various fundraising products are available where you can promote the cause. One particular product that works well with charity events are medals. A range of medals is available – personalised, handbag/charm medals, enamelled medals and ribbons and price buster medals to name a few. Medals are a great way of raising awareness of a cause.

Personalise your Medals

By having the cause stamped on the medal it makes it focal point. Creativity also plays an important point. For example if you are promoting a running or walking event then the medal ribbon could represent the colours for the charity with the logo stamped on the medal.

Colour your Ribbons to match your Charity

One of the best ways to spread the message of your cause is to theme your personalised medals or handbag/charm medals. Look at the cause you are raising money for. For example if it is for breast cancer then the colour pink is always associated with this cause. Use pink ribbons round the medal and stamp the medal with a slogan relating to the cause.Charity Handbag Charm

Many medal charity products are available but it is important you select a product of the highest quality. Always choose a well made product. A bad choice or poor quality product will give a bad impression of your cause and company. Medals are usually given away at the end of the fundraising event so if it is a personalised medal ensure it is of the highest quality. Make it extra special and compliment the medal with a small gift box again promoting the cause.

Whatever fundraising products you are looking for be it personalised medals or any other product you can be sure that Care from Contraband will go that extra mile to design it to your requirements ensuring it fits well with your charity cause and event. Our comprehensive website has many promotional products available including a whole range of medals.

Whatever your medal requirements for your chosen fundraising event are, Care from Contraband are here to advise and assist you all the way

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