So, what do you offer thousands of music fans at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival?

What is the must have, bring a smile to you face, great value souvenir? Karen from the Isle of Wight Earl Mountbatten Hospice has the answer – a Giant 23cm pin on Sunflower! Visible in almost every shot of the event and with sales increasing year on year, Karen and her fundraising team raise over £28,000 in 3 days from this niche market.

Typical of Karen’s “can do” attitude – when asked if she could sing, her reply “Yes, of course” catapulted her to the stage – still covered in giant sunflowers – as a backing singer for Paul McCartney’s set!

What a great example of a fundraiser who understands her local market and can pitch the unique, desirable product at the right price without being in conflict with other retailers at the same event. The carefully nurtured relationship with the festival organisers has secured her enviable access and distribution opportunities at this prestigious event.

Maybe the “Island” venue also has something to do with it!

Would this product work at other Summer Festivals? Any views out there?

There must be many other products that would also work in this situation – any ideas?

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