Azure Blue Bucket


Order 10 to 24 - £3.45 per bucket
Order 25 to 49 - £3.35 per bucket
Order 50 to 99 - £3.15 per bucket
Order 100 to 249 - £2.85 per bucket
Order 250+ - £2.65 per bucket

Charity Collection Buckets are a great accessory for collecting donations for a charity. Used at charity events, colour runs or simply for street fundraising, the buckets encourage the public/participants to donate to charity.

Secured with a specially designed lid, they are a safe, quick and effective method for collecting money for charity.

5 Litre Azure Blue Charity Collection Buckets. Available in 10 colours. Each Charity Collection bucket comes complete with security lid and thank you label and 2 ties. Size 190mm x 230mm approx. 


500pcs start at £2.30 each this special price is not available on line. For orders of 500pcs plus please contact us for a special price on 01484 640800.



Code: CCBU321

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