Changes to our Small Order Charge

As of 10th July 2017, we will be changing our Small Order Charge to £10 for all orders under £200.  This will be itemised in the quotation you receive from us.

We believe that our prices are competitive.  We try to price match on like-for-like products wherever possible.  Maintaining our high standard of customer service means we incur costs.  Whilst we try to include these costs in our product pricing wherever possible, for smaller orders we need to include this extra cost.

We suggest that if you are looking to place an order with a value of less than £200, and are unwilling to pay the administrative fee, then you could compile multiple orders together and place an order that totals more than £200.  If storage is an issue, we can discuss storage options in our warehouse for delivery at your convenience.

We hope you will support us in this positive change to our business.

If you have any questions please drop us an email to or phone 01484 640800.

All the best.

The Care Fundraising Supplies Team

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How to work out the correct quantity of coloured powder for your next event.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the coloured powder desk (01484 640800) here at Care Fundraising Supplies is, ‘how much coloured powder do I need for my event?’

Trying to be as useful as possible, we’ve put together this post to help you event planners to get your heads round quantities.

Why worry about quantities, after all can you really have too much coloured powder at an event?  Well, we like to help our customers squeeze every possible penny out of their events.  With a fundraising colour run, every penny counts towards the good cause.  So, you don’t want to order too much and be left with boxes of powder to store somewhere.

Equally, you don’t want to run out of coloured powder mid-event, or miss out on an opportunity to make the most of the chance to raise more funds for your charity.

These figures are based on our experience of supplying major colour run organisers with coloured powder and merchandise.  We have attended a great many of the events ourselves (what can I say, we love any opportunity to test our coloured powder) and know what works.

We have included both bulk box and packets in this information.  We know you all love bulk boxes of powder, but have you ever thought of buying the individual packets of powder to sell on at your event?

We offer sale or return on all unused boxes of coloured powder, providing an extra level of security for those unsure about which quantity to go for.

Care Fundraising Supplies have been supplying safe coloured powder to colour run fundraisers,  Holi events, and festivals for over the last 5 years.  We have a guaranteed stock of  great coloured powder – available in bulk 15kg boxes and 70g individual bags.  To talk to our experts in coloured powder please call 01484 640800.

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What is Holi Festival? – The Top 10 questions on Google answered by our experts

Care Fundraising Supplies - Holi Festival

Holi Festival 2017 – The Top 10 Questions on Google answered by our colour powder experts here at Care Fundraising Supplies

  1. What is Holi Festival? Holi is a Hindu spring festival originally celebrated across India and Nepal.  As Hinduism has spread across the globe, so has the Holi Festival.  Also called the Festival of Colours, events are normally held around the start of March each year to celebrate the coming of spring.
  2. When is the Holi Festival in 2017?  Holi Festival takes place March 13 2017.  Colourful events will take place globally around this time.  Dates for Holi Festival 2018 are March 2nd, and the 2019 date is March 21.
  3. Why is coloured powder used as part of the Holi Festival of Colours?  Maybe the clue is in the name?  Thought originally to be part of banishing away the winter blues and celebrating the start of spring, the throwing of coloured powder has become synonymous with Holi festivities.
  4. What is Holi coloured powder made from?  Originally pigment made from natural plant-based dyes like turmeric was mixed with corn starch to create the dried colour powder.  Now a global phenomenon, the demand for coloured powder means that modern manufacturing processes have been introduced to meet stringent safety standards and vast quantities required.  We alone sold 60 tonnes of coloured powder in 2016.
  5. How do I make my own Holi powder?  There’s no secret recipe, it’s mainly corn starch and coloured dye!  However, recent times have brought about strict control over the production and use of Holi colour powder, especially for events held in the UK.
  6. What do I need to run a Holi event? The rule of thumb is anything colourful will work.  Remember we are blowing away the winter cobwebs here, so the brighter the better.  Alongside the obvious coloured powder, you could perhaps look at introducing some modern touches with neon sunglasses, tutus and leis?
  7. What colours can I get the coloured powder in?  Traditionally the colours of powder were restricted to what could be produced with natural dyes.  With the introduction of modern manufacturing processes the range of available colours has grown to include pretty much every colour of the rainbow.  These days you can even get neon, UV, gold and silver coloured powder!  The choice really is endless.
  8. How do I clean coloured powder off my clothes?  The straight forward answer is you can’t 100% guarantee clean clothes after attending a Holi colour powder event.  Perhaps wear clothes that you don’t mind a stain or two on?   Many people wear white t-shirts to colour powder events, and use their clothes as a blank canvas upon which they can paint with the coloured powder.
  9. Can you get coloured powder off the floor?  If you are running an event, it’s best to make sure you have a clean-up plan in place.  The powder will leave a temporary stain on surfaces, but it does disappear in time.  Mother nature is the best cleaner, with a good rain shower cleaning pretty much everything away.  Perhaps you could consider covering the floor with a plastic sheet where you think intensive colour throwing will take place?  We have also heard of event organisers hiring leaf blowers to collect together the bulk of the post event powder.
  10. Can I use the Holi colour powder inside?  Remember you will need to clean up the mess, perhaps it’s best your coloured powder is thrown outside?  There are also doubts over the safety of some coloured powder brands when brought into contact with live electricity.  If in doubt, ask your supplier of coloured powder before you do anything.
Care Fundraising Supplies have been supplying safe coloured powder to Holi festival events and colour run fundraisers for over the last 5 years.  We have a guaranteed stock of  great coloured powder – available in bulk 15kg boxes and 70g individual bags.  To talk to our experts in coloured powder please call 01484 640800.
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Christmas 2016 – Last Order Date and Opening Times.

Care Fundraising Supplies will be closed from 5pm 23rd December 2016 and will re-open 9am on 3rd January 2017.



 (Delivery not guaranteed before Christmas)

Mainland UK

Wednesday 21st December at 12.00

Northern Ireland/ Scottish Highlands & Islands/ Isle of Man/ Channel Islands

Friday 16th December at 12.00

Republic of Ireland

Thursday 15th December at 12.00

Rest of EU

Please call us on 01484 640800


Please note, all orders placed between Thursday 22nd December and Monday 2ndth January 2017 will be processed in date order and despatched on Tuesday 3rd January where possible.

If you are in any doubt, please call us on 01484 640800 before placing your order.

May we take this opportunity to wish all our customer and suppliers a very happy festive season.  We look forward to speaking with you all again in the New Year.  Cheers!  The Care Fundraising Supplies team.

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A brief history of Light up a Life

We recently interviewed Liz Jackson, Chair of Care Fundraising Supplies, about the history of the Light Up a Life movement and our involvement in its development.  She helpfully gave us a really interesting lowdown on how the movement began, and how it has grown into the successful annual fundraising campaign it is today.

LJ: ‘A small number of hospices were looking for an event in the winter months that would help their fundraising.  The campaigns were a success, with the main feature being supporters who purchased lights to remember a loved one, which were placed in a tree outside and turned on during the event.

The success of these initial events lead to NAHF agreeing that Help the Hospices (the main hospice representative organisation) would get involved in promoting Light Up a Life to hospices as a major event.

Help the Hospices held meetings and conferences to discuss and disseminate concepts, ideas and involved Care Fundraising Supplies in a couple of these to see how we could contribute on the merchandise side.

The design of the first Light Up a Life badge was subject to a number of criteria – the shape should not have a particularly religious connotation or be recognisable as a shape used by a charity/commercial organisation previously – serious and without an overtly commercial feeling to it. Many hospices were originally totally against having any merchandise for the event.

So, we came up with an 8 point star which has the bottom point fractionally longer that the others. The design was accepted after some size and thickness amendments.

We kept the design the same for two years then hospices asked for a new design each year as many found that their supporters collected each design and this helped with their fundraising.

Care also responded to individual hospice requests for additional products for the event – battery candles, switch on night lights etc. We responded to these requests along with providing specific products for hospices who named their event something other than LUAL such as Wigan – Light for A Life.’

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A photo album full of coloured powder and smiles

A team from Care took part in the second Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush at Oakwell Hall on Sunday 18th September. It was a day to remember.

The event was a great opportunity to raise funds to support the work of our friends at Kirkwood Hospice.  It was also a great chance to cover each other in a huge amount of vibrant coloured powder.

We sponsored the Colour Party at the end of the event, where all the participants in the run were further covered in clouds of bright powder from colour fountains.  As you can see from the photos, we definitely got into the spirit of the event, with some of us still finding coloured powder in our hair days later.

Thanks to Kirkwood Hospice for a fantastic day out.  It was great to see such a varied group of runners so obviously enjoying themselves.  We can’t wait for next year!



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Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush 2016

Care Fundraising Supplies are sponsoring the Colour Party at this year’s Kirkwood Hospice Colour Rush at Oakwell Park Hall on Sunday 18th September 2016.

This annual event is one of the largest of its kind in the area, and an excellent opportunity to raise funds for a local hospice whilst having fun getting covered in the bright coloured powder.

The Colour Party will take place at the end of the colour run, and will allow participants in the colourful 5K run to really go-to-town and get completely covered in colour.

Neil Kendall, our Managing Director  is really excited about the upcoming event. “We’re really looking forward to participating in this great event.  We’re taking most of the team, plus additional family members to Oakwell Park Hall, and can’t wait to get stuck in with the coloured powder.  As a major supplier to colour run events across the UK and Europe we are normally so busy selling coloured powder and event merchandise that we don’t get a chance to actually throw it about ourselves.  Sponsoring the Colour Party is a great opportunity to support a local charity whilst also getting out of the office and having a good time.”

Emily Kennedy, Events Fundraiser at Kirkwood Hospice is delighted to have Care Fundraising Supplies on board for the 2016 Colour Rush. “Care Fundraising Supplies have been long term supporters of the Hospice and we utilise them for a lot of our Fundraising products. It’s fantastic that one of our local suppliers is giving something back to the Hospice. Care Fundraising Supplies will be in charge of showering the participants in colour at the Colour Party which takes place at the end of the Colour Rush, Team Care Fundraising Supplies are also putting a team of colleagues, family and friends together to take part in the most colourful event of the year!”

We can’t wait!  Photos to follow…

The Kirkwood Hospice Colour Run is taking place Sunday 18th September at Oakwell Park Hall.   More information can be found here.


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Care Fundraising Supplies’ top Elves in Popular Culture

Elves can be dated back to the 1500s, with a dash of magic and a sprinkling of mischief they have been a popular addition by authors from Shakespeare to Tolkien. Most recently, they took over every child’s Christmas wish list with the release of ‘Elf on the Shelf,’ Santa’s extra special scouts that reported back to the big man himself every night. So in recognition of all things Elf, the team at Care Fundraising Supplies have compiled a list of our favourite elves in popular culture.

Check out the Care Fundraising Supplies full range of Elf related fundraising ideas in our product catalogue.  Please call us on 01484 640800 if you would like to talk elves with our team.  We can’t promise we’ll answer in elvish!

Dobby the Elf

Continue reading

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We’re returning to the Institute of Fundraising Convention again this year

We are returning to the Institute of Fundraising Convention as exhibitors again in 2016.  We are using the Convention to launch two exciting new campaigns, the Christmas Brochure, packed with ideas to take the fuss out of fundraising this Christmas, and the promotion of our partnership with Angal to supply the very best collection devices to the charity sector.

The Christmas Brochure

The new Christmas fundraising range is already a favourite amongst customers.  Introduced this year is a great range of new elf related products – soft toys, badges, and el fdoors. Alongside this miniature invasion is a quality selection of products to suit all requirements and budgets. Be it a raffle prize, stock for your retail shelves, or Christmas themed badges to use as part of a festive themed fundraising campaign.

Angal Partnership

Alongside this fabulous new range of products, we are also promoting own successful ongoing partnership with fellow exhibitors Angal.  All of Angal’s range of street, retail, office and home collection devices will be on display.

We are proud to have partnered with the Institute of Fundraising to supply branded pens and sweets for inclusion in the delegate welcome packs at this years Convention.

If you’re at the Convention this year then please visit Care Fundraising Supplies at stand 27 in the exhibition area where you can meet the new team and learn more about the great products and services we provide to charities across the UK for the last 25 years.

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Customer Care Assistant Vacancy

We are a highly ethical wholesaler, firmly established as one of the UK’s leading fundraising and promotional merchandise suppliers to the not for profit sector both at home and increasingly overseas.  Our mission is to deliver creative ideas and great products at great prices to help organizations raise funds for causes that they’re passionate about, whilst being acknowledged as one of the most rewarding and most professional businesses to be involved with.
We are currently implementing our plans for ambitious growth in a dynamic and competitive market, building strong, trusted relationships and selling to highly motivated, ever-more professional fundraisers and event organizers.  We know that we need to be on our game to accomplish our mission, so we need a great team of caring, compassionate, creative people to be part of our journey and share in our success.

Our product range includes collecting boxes, supplies for charity runs, colour runs and other fun or significant events, such as event medals, ribbons, colour run powders, giftware including soft toys, flowers, bags or other branded products and distribution services to help our customers’ fundraising efforts.

It’s our aim to get ahead and stay ahead by excelling at understanding our customers’ needs, meeting them from our wide range of products and looking after our customers, staff, suppliers and partners for the long term.

As a result of the exciting opportunities facing us, we are recruiting a Customer Care Assistant to join our fun and supportive customer service team based in the Colne Valley, Huddersfield.

This opportunity to join us provides a friendly, organised individual with a caring and fun side with the chance to benefit from the satisfaction of knowing that they provide the best service to a diverse range of caring customers.

to understand and meet our customers’ needs.  For us, great service means working flexibly and creatively as part of a strong team to deliver the right products at the right time and the right price.  We aim to do this first time, every time and if we ever slip up (we all do!), to do everything that could be expected and sometimes more to sort the problem to our customer’s satisfaction.

Day-to-day duties  include handling customer queries keeping them informed of the progress of their orders, entering customer information and sales and purchase orders on to our Sage (accounts, stock control and order processing) and Podio (customer relationship management) systems, arranging deliveries and working with our wider teams, including production and despatch, in order to get it right.

Needless to say, you will need to be computer literate, have an excellent telephone manner, good attention to detail, flexibility and a sense of fun, together with the ability to remain organised when dealing with sometimes rapidly changing priorities.

Your normal hours of work for this role will be 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Aside from joining this established, leading and highly reputable business, the successful candidate can expect a starting salary of at least £14,976 per year with good benefits such as 28 days’ holiday + 8 bank holidays plus health care scheme after a qualifying period.

If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to receive your application.  You can request an application form via our website using the following link ….

Or via email at

Deadline for applicants will be 31st May

Interviews will start week commencing 6th June

[Download Application Form]

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